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Dead as Truth

by Atriarch

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Ritualistic, apocalyptic noisemakers ATRIARCH are back with their fourth offering of mind-altering, doom-soaked, death rock entitled Dead As Truth. Recorded and mixed by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (Om, Graves At Sea, Vhol) and featuring artwork by Stevie Floyd (YOB, Dark Castle), Dead As Truth sees ATRIARCH venture deeper into the blackened abyss with haunting incantations, exotic drones, and crushing aural experimentations that boldly embrace death's cold heart. Fragments of post-punk, gothic doom, black metal, sludge, and noise complement the band's desolate universe and further supplement their most immediate and formidable release to date. ATRIARCH prescribe the order that there is but one truth and that is death.


released August 11, 2017

2017 Relapse Records



all rights reserved


Atriarch Portland, Oregon

Formed in 2009 in Portland, OR, ATRIARCH delivers a unique brand of sonic darkness, pulling influence from classic deathrock and infusing it with their own style of heaviness. Catharsis is their strength, both on record and during their intensely memorable live performances. ... more


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Track Name: Inferno
relive what you have done
regret what you can’t change
in this hell we create for ourselves
as our minds and our bodies decay
this is hell...we’re in hell!
nothing, inside
the fear takes hold of you
become your fear
anguish...depression...the fear of death
the fear takes hold of you
become your fear
a fear that haunts your soul
controlled by fear
the night will fade and die into the sunrise
a light that blinds us into its submission
we are all in this hell together
dead as dreams, dead as truth, forgotten
all stumbling blindly into the flames, burn...
the sun will set again, pray that in never rises
the light will burn us all, reducing us to ashes
dead as dreams, dead as truth, all...
nothing is left, become your fear
anguish and depression, controlled by fear
burning in the light, moths to the flame
rotting in this hell, consumed with regret
all, rotting in hell
all, dead as the truth
this is hell...
Track Name: Dead
all love is lost, I am mortified
all love is lost, I am justified in
this blade to my wrist, a simple slit
open up a vein, I am coming home
and my life becomes a stain
where only ghosts remain
just a shadow of the pain
I am dead and gone
love is lost, life forgot
love is lost, nothing left inside
all love is lost, all life forgot
all love is lost nothing left inside
we are all dead
so love me and hold me and kiss me
for I am dead and gone
no don’t love me, forget me, don’t tempt me
for I am dead and gone and dead
Track Name: Devolver
there is an outcome to this insurgence
of growth in population
a ticking time bomb, pulsing and throbbing
will put an end to us all
if there’s an answer it is lying
in putting this to an end, so what does that mean?
that it is time for us to deny
these lies that we are fed, denial of this
will lead to billions of brainwashed servants
who buy these lies they are sold, the answer is clear
the cycle is set, the answer is clear
devolver the state of our minds
the constant regression of time
devolver, DEVOLVER...
we spread our filth
hungry for power and money and sex
we watch this grow
sprawling outward, spreading dumb
keep fucking and fucking and fucking
breed, breed, breed, breed and die...
Track Name: Void
what have I become?
feels like I am dead
and I crawled up from the void to say nothing’s real
this is all pretend
there is no place that’s beautiful or clean
nor precious, nor pure, or so serene
we fall into the void
and I cannot relate to your loving words
no, I am filled with hate
so stop saying words, just stop saying words
don’t speak, don’t stutter, don’t stammer
don’t crack, don’t crawl, just fall into the void
fear, hate...
I have become something so
full of bile, full of lies, full of hate, I am a coward
I cannot pretend we’re beautiful or pure
these faces that crack from expressions
look back into the void, no, stop saying words
don’t crack, don’t crawl, don’t stammer
don’t speak, don’t lie...
just fall into the void, fear, hate...
we can pretend that we are friends but it’s fake
and I can’t deny the things that you hide I am hate
I am everything, everything that you hate
look to the void, I am the void, filled with fear
look back into the void, fear, hate...
Track Name: Repent
all is calm, all is quiet
a world of flames, dies in peace
become a moving target, your aspiration is to die
another situation in which we all believe a lie
another time to settle debts of the rich and affluent
another situation they pay the price with countless deaths
repent all sins forgiven
they fall upon their knees, ask the lord to forgive
as they control the masses, another sin
a sin to exploit the weak, a sin to lie
they deserve to burn for these sins yet they only burn in effigy
repent all sins forgiven
annihilation, time to die
apocalyptic judgment, another lie
another battlefield that’s littered with the bodies of the poor
as the rich keep growing stronger, this is a war that we can’t win
repent all sins forgiven, all is calm, all is quiet
annihilation time to die, apocalyptic prophecy
behold the sum of our hate, we stand in the aftermath
the apocalypse has happened, yet we haven’t noticed
Track Name: Hopeless
there is no peace in the end
these empty vestals won’t transcend
our broken bodies are condemned
to slowly rot and decay
there is no love, there is no light
there is no hope, there is no life
there is just death, there is no beauty in this
only on the outside
inside we’re broken, blindly follow
addicted to self, while drowning in lies
a mindless machine, blindly searching
searching for truth in a web of lies
spiraling through the darkness
we go towards the light
when there is no heaven above and no hell in its infamy
I hold no delusions of love, this farce must be denied
as the divine machine’s reign of terror
goes directly into oblivion
there is no beauty in this pail death
our faith is backwards
blindly go into the light, blindly fall down...